Lifelines Nominated for a BETT Award 2

11 January 2011 | Comments (0)

Tomorrow night is the prize-giving dinner for the 2011 BETT Awards.  Chris has hired his tux and I’m going to sew a button on my best outfit and wear my new Fluevogs.

‘Lifelines’, the digital fiction project Chris Joseph and I created for educational publisher, Rising Stars, has been nominated in the category of Secondary, FE, and Skills Digital Content.  The other projects look great.  But fingers crossed!  It would be great for Rising Stars, and for us, to have a win. 

In advance of the award ceremony, there’s been two pieces about my work in the papers of late:  an interview in the Independent on Sunday, ‘Brave New World:  Writers Will Have to Change Their Attitude if They’re to Catch Up with the Videogames Industry’, and a Comment piece in the Guardian’s Classroom Innovation supplement today, ‘Educators Need to Utilise the Explosion in Digital Writing’. 

I’ll be giving a seminar at BETT on Friday. 

Ex-Metchosin Resident Over-Excited

24 September 2009 | Comments (0)

The Victoria Times-Colonist published a piece about me being on the longlist, ‘Ex-Metchosin Resident makes Giller longlist’.  The Vancouver Sun must have run something as well - I’ve been getting e-mails and tweets and FB messages from lots of people I haven’t heard from for ages congratulating me.  What a complete pleasure.

Most writers spend a lot of their life waiting.  I’ve blogged about the frustrations of this in the past here and here ; much of the time I’m waiting for other people to make decisions - what will my agent think of this new manuscript?  will the publisher buy this book project?, only nine months left until that book comes out.

Currently I’m enmeshed in what I’ve started to think of as A Big Wait, big not in terms of length, but in size.  This time round I’m waiting to find out whether or not I will make the shortlist of the Giller Prize.  But strangely, I don’t feel too anxious about this wait.  It is such an unexpected pleasure to be on the longlist, that I’m seriously enjoying this state.  In fact, I’d be happy to be on the longlist forever.

October 6th is when this idyll will come to an end.  It’s a bit like being on holiday; I want the next 12 days to go very very slowly.

Even More Waiting

11 June 2009 | Comments (2)

News in just now that copies of my book will be delayed while they make sure the cover is perfect, and so the publication date will be delayed from 9 July to 16 July.  In the greater scheme of things this doesn’t make a lot of difference - just means I’ll have to wait a bit longer to get my grubby hands on the thing, as will everyone who has pre-ordered it already from Amazon, even if that is only my friend Mandy - yay Mandy!

The fact is that I’m still waiting for all those things in that list from my previous post on this subject.  Plus some other stuff too.  I get drip-fed rumours from my agent that foreign publishers are sniffing around my novel, considering whether or not to buy it for their own lists… I find it hard not to stop breathing.

But I do need to crack on with three big new projects, despite the absence of contracts… ‘Lifelines’ for Rising Stars, ‘Dorian Gray’, and a brand new collaboration with digital artist James Coupe - more on that in another post, another day.

I’ve gone ahead and got very nice postcards made of the cover of ‘The Mistress of Nothing’.  Post a comment here if you want me to send you one!


19 May 2009 | Comments (6)

One of the things I find hardest about being a writer is all the waiting you have to do.  At any given moment I will be waiting for someone to make a decision that will inevitably have a big effect on my working life.  Here’s a list of what I’m waiting for currently:

1.  book proposal in with a publisher - this is a biggie, because if they don’t like it I’ll have my work cut out with re-working it, and if they do like it, then I’ll have to write the book.  Yikes.

2.  contracts being drawn up and negotiated with educational publisher for project to create 9 digital short fictions for the classroom. This will happen, but before it does, I have to wait before getting started on the project… with the hoped-for delivery date drawing nearer all the time.

3.  book publication - ‘The Mistress of Nothing’ is coming out on 6 July and this means a lot of twiddling of thumbs and holding of breath while waiting to find out if any of our efforts to publicise the book (get it reviewed, get interviewed, getting invited to do readings and festivals etc etc etc) bear fruit.  Double Yikes.

4.  1 conference proposal and 1 submission to digital anthology - will my work be selected?  Could make a huge difference to everything.

5.  all the other stuff I’m too paranoid to write about here - various decisions regarding My Future.  Triple Yikes!

Currently, the amount of waiting I’m doing is outweighing the amount of actual work I’m doing - I’ve reached a tipping point of sorts, I guess, where the pressure of waiting is greater than the pressure of writing and, as a result, I can’t do much of anything apart from try to understand the purpose of Twitter, hang around in Facebook, reply to old e-mails, and write blog posts.  Luckily, I have to go out for a meeting shortly.

Ordinarily I am not grateful for meetings.