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MIX DIGITAL 3: Writing Digital 2-4 July 2015

Where creative writing meets technology…

Writer Naomi Alderman, theorist Florian Cramer, and performers Blast Theory set to appear at this year’s Writing Digital: MIX DIGITAL Conference 2015

The new Commons building at the Newton Park campus of Bath Spa University will be the home of this year’s MIX DIGITAL conference. Following the success of the last two MIX DIGITAL conferences, held at Corsham Court, the University’s School of Humanities and Creative Industries continues to be at the forefront of both research and teaching of creative practice across many forms.

This year’s conference will take place from 2 – 4 July 2015 and will take advantage of the features and interactive spaces in the new Commons building where it will host a vibrant mix of academic papers, practitioner presentations, seminars, keynotes, discussions, workshops and an exhibition of the work by conference participants.

MIX Digital 3 gives participants the chance to catch up with artists, writers and academics who are working at the forefront of where arts practice meets technology, where the artificial division between the digital and the analogue no longer exists. This year’s conference will be push the discussion forward into new and challenging territories, from new digital literary forms to our analogue futures. 

MIX DIGITAL is an established, innovative forum that features the discussion and exploration of writing and technology. The conference attracts a cohort of local, national, even international attendees with contributors coming from the UK, Australia, Europe and even North and South America too. After this year the conference will become biennial event and will be one of the flagship conferences for Bath Spa University. 

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Inanimate Alice Episode 5 at last!!!

‘Inanimate Alice’ has a new episode at last! After a long hiatus between ‘official’ episodes, Episode 5 was launched at the beginning of December 2014. So far, the reception has been great, with long-term fans, readers, and educators responding with enthusiasm. It’s been a long haul, but we’re here at last!

As well as a new episode, the website itself has been updated. It now includes the truly wonderful Digital Gallery of reader-created episodes - episodes of ‘Inanimate Alice’ made by young people all over the world. And there’s a new Development Journal where creative director Andy Campbell talks about how the episode was created.

Work on episode 6 is well under way - stay tuned for more on that!


The project that Neil Bartlett and I have been working on in earnest since before Christmas goes fully live on Thursday 26 June.

LETTER TO AN UNKNOWN SOLDIER is creating a new kind of war memorial, one made only of words, by thousands of people.  For the past four weeks it has been open to submissions from the public. The first week we were getting about 20 letters a day, then that number rose to 100, then 200, and now it is at more than 300+ letters per day - and that’s before the website has gone fully live!  And by ‘fully live’ I mean with all the letters we’ve received published and made available to everyone to read.

So, if you haven’t done it yet, please make sure to go to the website and write your letter today.  We’re open for submissions until 4 August, 2014.

Landing Gear Interactive Map

The fabulous digital development team at Random House Canada has created this truly wonderful interactive map based on the first thirty pages of Landing Gear.

Last autumn, the team created an API based on this extract of the novel, indexing all the text according to location, character, event, and timeline. We took the API to a Publishing Hackday in San Francisco where some preliminary work was done on creating a tweetbot using dialogue from the novel. And now the team has created this map, which serves two functions - it gives potential readers a glimpse of the novel via the locations in it (and location and place are key themes in the novel), and it shows the potential for the kinds of projects that can be created by using the Landing GearAPI.


LETTER TO AN UNKNOWN SOLDIER is a new digital project I’m creating with Neil Bartlett, novelist and theatre-maker. We’ve been commissioned by 14-18 NOW to create a new kind of war memorial, one made only of words, written by thousands of people.

On Platform One of Paddington Station in London, there is a statue of an unknown soldier. He is wearing full trench infantryman uniform and he is reading a letter that he’s just taken out of its envelop.  Our project asks this: if you could write that letter, if you could say anything you wanted to say to that soldier, what would you say? Write your own letter to the unknown soldier.

For the next month, the project website’s only function is to display a bit of information about the project, and invite people to join up to the project mailing list. It features only four of the letters to the soldier.  The next stage of the project, which will include a website that allows everyone to submit their letters to the soldier, will launch at the end of April. And the site will go fully live, publishing all the letters received to date, and encouraging everyone everywhere to write their own letter, will launch on 28 June, the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo.

So, for now, sign up to our mailing list, and get thinking about what you might like to write.


The Writing Platform

I’m co-Editor of The Writing Platform, which is a site dedicated to provided resources and opinion pieces for writers about the digital transformation of our industries, including writing, bookselling, publishing, and libraries.

The Writing Platform

Memory Makes Us:  A Live Writing Event

On July 9th, in Brisbane, Queensland, in collaboration with If:book Australia, I’ll be doing a live writing event, Memory Makes Us.  My colleagues at If:Book, and a team of students from QUT, will be collecting memories from the good people of Brisbane. I’ll be at my work station, in the Queensland State Library, pulling together short term memories, long term memories,as well as my own memories, in order to create a text there and then. Live.  I’ll say it again.  Live.  Stay tuned.  And if you are in Brisbane, come down to the library and say hello.

Flight Paths: A Networked Novel - NEW EPISODE!

Flight Paths: A Networked Novel, my on-going project with Chris Joseph, has a brand-new, sixth, episode!  Hooray!  This episode, as brief as the others, takes up the story of Yacub, who has landed on Harriet’s car in the supermarket car park, and introduces him to Jack, Harriet’s teenaged son.  Go to the website, and click on ‘Jack meets Yacub’.

Inanimate Alice

Inanimate Alice is a work of digital fiction by co-created by Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph and, as creative director, Andy Campbell. It combines text with images, video, music, animation and games to create a hybrid form of storytelling. 

In September 2012, ‘Inanimate Alice’ went up on The Space, the BBC/Arts Council England showcase, featuring in the Literature and Spoken Word section. 

In June 2012, ‘Inanimate Alice’ was named as one of the American Association of School Librarians Best Websites for Teaching and Learning.

Over the past few years, ‘Inanimate Alice’s has gained a powerful reputation as a vital transmedia title in education.  Work has begun on episode 5, which will appear in autumn 2012.

Episodes 1 through 4 are available to view online for free. ‘Episode 1: China’ won the first ever prize for Digital Art awarded by MAXXI - the Museum for the Twenty-First Century - DARC, and the Fondazione Rosselli. It also won the IBM Prize for New Media at Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media .

Story Map made at Free Word in Spread the Word workshop

Here’s the Story Map we created in the 5 November 2011 digital stories workshop that Spread the Word hosted at Free Word.  Lovely photos and accompanying texts.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

View Digital Stories Workshop in a larger map

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