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Reviews & interviews

Author video for 'Landing Gear' from Simon & Schuster

MIX Digital 3: Writing Digital

MIX Digital 3: Writing Digital, the conference on creative writing and technology that Lucy English and I co-hosted at Bath Spa University 2-4 July was featured in this wonderful article, MIX 03: Mixing it Up for Digital Writing, by Porter Anderson for The Bookseller’s Futurebook. It’s a great look at conference highlights, including James Coupe’s extraordinary work for MediaWall ‘General Intellect’.

The radio journalist Luke Clancy, who works for the Irish national radio broadcaster RTE, conducted two interviews for the radio programme Culture File while at the conference. Listen here for:

Florian Cramer

and James Coupe.

Porter Anderson on Algorithims for Books, and Weird Sister - January 2015

Over on Thought Catalogue, Porter Anderson has published a thoughtful piece on algorithims for books - the online tools that publishers use to help readers find the books that readers don’t already know they want to read. In it, Porter includes a mention of my eBook backlist publishing project and, in particular, Weird Sister, while discussing the work of the start-up, Trajectory. A New Architecture of Algorithims, Porter Anderson

Maclean's Magazine - Welcome to the Future of Reading - Dec 2015

Rachel Browne wrote a great piece for Maclean’s Magazine in Canada about the launch of the new episode of ‘Inanimate Alice’.

Welcome to the Future of Reading

Kobo eBook data on when readers stop reading - 17 Dec, 2014

I went on BBC Radio 4’s front row to discuss the data that Kobo released about which novels are the most popular in the UK, along with data on which novels are the most thoroughly read - which novels are the most abandoned by readers. I was on with Lawrence Norfolk, and our segment is about 15 minutes into the podcast.

Press for 'Inanimate Alice: Episode 5' - Dec 2014/Jan 2015

The new episode of ‘Inanimate Alice’ was launched at the beginning of December 2014 and already there has been a fair amount of press activity spread across Canada, the US, and the UK. Here’s a list of pieces and links:

Maclean’s Magazine, Canada’s news magazine; a large piece on the future of reading by Rachel Browne

The Bookseller, a long piece about episode six, ‘Inanimate Alice is newly animated’, by Porter Anderson, with an overview of my work during 2014, including Landing Gear and ‘Dorian Grey’.

There were two great pieces in EdTech Digest, which is an important audience for us. The first is a wonderful piece. ‘Teaching in Wonderland’ by an American teacher, Krista Doolin. The second is a guest column by project producer, Ian Harper.

One of our long-term advocates, School Library Media Specialist Laura Fleming, wrote a piece called ‘Non-Traditional Literacy’ for her World of Learning blog.


Landing Gear review in Guardian Newspaper July 2014

As you’ll know if you read my blog, Landing Gear, while out in Canada with Doubleday, and in the US with Simon & Schuster, is still looking for a UK publisher to come on board. In lieu of that happening, I’ve brought out a digital-only edition of the novel here in the UK. Working with Laura Creyke and Joanna Ellis from The Literary Platform, we have, rather to my astonishment, managed to get the book reviewed (Saturday 5 July) in both the print and online editions. It’s not a rave review, but it is substantial.

As well as that, I went into the Guardian’s offices and recorded a podcast interview.  In it, Claire Armitstead and I discuss the novel, how it was written, its digital footprint, as well as my experience of publishing it myself here in the UK.

What's Kate Pullinger Reading? - Tampa Bay Times - June 2014

Here’s a short interview about what I’ve been reading, published online and in print by a Florida Newspaper.

Women's Hour for Letter to an Unknown Soldier, June 2014

I was invited onto Women’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 to discuss Letter to an Unknown Soldier along with Hollie McNish, who reads the wonderful letter-poem she wrote for us.  Our segment comes just about 32 minutes into the programme.

CBC Books The Next Chapter - with Shelagh Rogers - June 2014

Here I am on CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter, with the always wonderful Shelagh Rogers. I did this interview straight off a plane and realised about one minute into it that it was the first ever interview I’d done about Landing Gear. But I was in good hands. Shelagh Rogers is like The Ideal Reader - when you talk to her it’s clear that you are talking to one of the people who will read your book most carefully, most thoughtfully.

The interview is the first item in the broadcast. 
The Next Chapter.

Here it is as a podcast if the above link doesn’t work where you live:

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