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I give lectures and talks fairly often; I use this page to share resources and/or presentations for these events.

Spread the Word Digital Stories Workshop - Sat, 5 November, 2011

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Some of the pieces I want to share to kick off the Digital Stories workshop day will include:

Two works by me and Chris Joseph: 
Inanimate Alice
Flight Paths

Tim Wright’s Stevenson remix:  Kidmapped

JR Carpenter’s story City Fish

The Goggles’ documentary Welcome to Pine Point

and my current new favourite twitter feed:  @CaptainRFScott

On the day I showed other works as well - won’t be able to remember all of them, but here’s a few: 

Ebb & Flow - a collaborative digital story I created with five schools in Ipswich earlier this year:  Ebb & Flow 

Zombies Run! - a Kickstarter-funded story app, currently in development, a collaboration between writer Naomi Alderman and Six to Start

Poems that Go

Sarah Salway’s 50 word photo stories

We used the Google Maps api to create our own digital story, plus Flickr, and Powerpoint, and Microsoft Photo Story.

Hugh MacLennan Memorial Lecture at McGill University - April 2011

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In April, 2011, I gave the annual Hugh MacLennan Memorial Lecture for the Friends of the McGill University Library, in Montreal. 

An extract of that lecture was published in Write, the magazine published by The Writers’ Union of Canada.  Attached here is a PDF of the whole lecture. 

ELMCIP Electronic Literature and Pedagogy Seminar 14-16 June 2011

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Here’s a list of urls for what I’ll be discussing next week in Karlskrona Sweden. plus another chance to see the fab episode created by Primary 6V class in Carronshore PS Falkirk earlier this year.  There are so many great new episodes of ‘Inanimate Alice’ out there now made by students and teachers, it’s fantastic to have so much to choose from.


Inanimate Alice:

Inanimate Alice on Facebook:

Laura Fleming’s blog:

Australian Grade 6 class: 

Alice and Friends – Digital Literacy wiki built around IA, created by two teachers in Australia: 

Mr Woodz NZ class lesson plans etc: Don’t know where these have come from

first ones I spotted:  Aronow’s English 10:  -  Epi 5 by 7th pd

The Daily Dose - radio chatshow podcast - Pittsburgh University -

4MD - audio critiques of the stories: