Landing Gear longlisted for CBC Reads 2016!!

17 December 2015

CBC Heroes and Anti-heroes: The Trees

17 December 2015

I wrote this piece for CBC books. It’s about my uncle Art, and the novel I’m trying to write about him. 

The Trees

I read and discussed the piece on the CBC radio programme, Ideas.

Here’s that recording. Hosted by Paul Kennedy, my interview is last up.

A new episode for ‘Inanimate Alice’ launched today!

1 December 2014

Inanimate Alice has published its first new episode in six years today!

While six years is an eternity in any kind of media, digital or otherwise, we’ve continued to build the audience for Inanimate Alice as a children’s lit and educational title, so along with the new episode, we’re launching a new website, and a brand-new Gallery where we are showcasing the many many episodes of Inanimate Alice made by kids and fans around the world. The new episode and website were created by Andy Campbell of Dreaming Methods and One-to-One Productions, and the sound was created by Chris Joseph.

There are also new translations of the episodes, so it’s now in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Indonesian, and Japanese, the last two courtesy of investment from Education Services Australia. The episodes remain free of charge.

International Impac Dublin Literary Award

27 November 2014

I’m on the jury of the International Impac Dublin Literary Award this year. 142 novels for me to read! The Mistress of Nothing was on the longlist in 2010. The shortlist is published in mid-April, the winner on 17 June. Stay tuned!

Letter to an Unknown Soldier - the book!

8 November 2014

The book that Neil Bartlett and I put together in the days after Letter to an Unknown Soldier finished this summer is published this week. We chose 140 of the letters we thought were the most powerful and, together with a few images, including scans of some of the handwritten letters, we’ve created a book that we hope, in some way, reflects the power of our project.

The digital war memorial lives online, with all 21,500 letters we received, but it seemed fitting to create a book as a kind of memento of the project. And thanks to the extraordinarily agile and well-organised work of the folks at William Collins, an imprint of Harper Collins, the book is a lovely thing.

Good reviews have begun appearing. Here’s one from BBC History Extra.

Anne Green Award - Calgary Wordfest

22 September 2014

I’ve been awarded the annual Anne Green Award from the folks at the Calgary and Banff Wordfest!  This is wonderful news. I’ll be presented the prize in Banff on 18 October.

The annual award is given “to an artist whose work explores and challenges the traditional form of story and narrative.” The press release adds, “Pullinger’s latest novel, Landing Gear, to be presented at Wordfest, was selected for the 2014 Anne Green Award for successfully challenging and exploring the possibilities of the written word, while maintaining roots in story, narrative and literary form.”

Anne Green Award

Letter to an Unknown Soldier dominates BBC News for a day!

11 July 2014

Wednesday 9 July our project Letter to an Unknown Soldier featured on a huge range of BBC News programmes, from 5Live’s breakfast show, to the tv Breakfast News, to BBC Radio Wiltshire, Somerset, BBC World, and the national news at regular intervals throughout the day!

For me the highlight of the day was the live broadcast from Bohunt School in Hampshire where 1400 students and teachers came together to creating a living artwork - a massive poppy. They all have their letters pasted onto sheets of red or black paper.  Take a look at the BBC News 24 feature, complete with me, and the poppy.

Other tv links below:

BBC Breakfast

BBC One O'Clock News

BBC Six O'Clock News

Front Row! where I talk about my backlist, Landing Gear, and self-publishing!

24 June 2014

On Thursday 19 June, 2014, I was on Front Row, BBC Radio 4, discussing my backlist, Landing Gear, and self-publishing (though mostly self-publishing).  Here’s a link to the eight minute podcast.  This should work outside the UK as well as in the UK.

CBC Books The Next Chapter

17 June 2014

Here I am on CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter, with Shelagh Rogers.  The interview is the first item in the broadcast. 
The Next Chapter.

New ebook editions of backlist

22 May 2014

Four of my backlist titles - A Little Stranger, Weird Sister, The Last Time I Saw Jane, and Where Does Kissing End? - are now available as ebooks. Buy them at all e-retailers; you can also purchase these ebooks directly from my Store page.

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