Digital Fiction PhD

8 May 2009 | Comments (0)

At DMU where I am Reader in Creative Writing and New Media (I still can’t get over my own grandness), my colleague Sue Thomas and I are in the middle of setting up a new research group, the Transliteracy Research Group, otherwise known as TRG.  Snappy, I know!  I already have a couple of PhD students at DMU, but we are both looking to encourage more PhD students to join us.  If you are interested in doing a PhD with us, drop me a line on kpullinger (at) dmu (dot) ac (dot) uk.

Jill Dawson for tea

6 February 2009 | Comments (0)

jill dawson

A couple of weeks ago a bunch of us converged on a grand London hotel for afternoon champagne tea to celebrate the publication of our friend Jill Dawson‘s new book, ‘The Great Lover’. We cackled loudly over the tinkling of the grand piano, ate, drank, gossiped, and toasted Ruby (aka Jill) and wished her every success with this new book.

‘The Great Lover’ is about Rupert Brooke; I’ve got my copy and can’t wait to read it.

Ruby set up and runs Gold Dust, an innovative mentoring scheme, pairing well-established writers with new writers to work together 1-1.  She’s a great advocate for writers and writing.

Digital Mentor

28 January 2009 | Comments (0)

When I was working for the Royal Literary Fund I used to have the thrilling job title of Virtual Fellow. ‘Royal Literary Fund Virtual Fellow’ - a kind of dignified, literary version of Keanu Reeves in ‘The Matrix’. I stopped being a Virtual Fellow when I took the post at DMU; there my job title is Reader in Creative Writing and New Media, which is also cool, as it suggests that what I do is lie on a sofa and read stuff off my laptop all day everyday.

But now I’ve had a request from a poet, asking if I will do some work for her as a Digital Mentor.  This is even better than being a Virtual Fellow.  So, if anyone out there needs a bit of digital mentoring, I’m your girl!!  katepullinger (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk.